Wearing Sports Jerseys As Clothing

For some reason it's okay to wear basketball and football jerseys around normally as part of your daily clothing. To a lesser degree it's also okay to wear hockey, soccer, and baseball jerseys. But society doesn't deem it appropriate to wear a replica NASCAR suit or Chinese ping pong short shorts. It would seem that the more widely accepted a sport is, the more able you are to wear what the athletes are wearing. I don't know if that's entirely true though.

Tennis is very popular, but people always stare at me when I'm out at the grocery store wearing my Serena Williams Nike tank top. And no matter how popular Swimming gets during the Olympics I can't go into the neighbor's pool with my Michael Phelps one piece dolphin dick body condom without them calling the cops on me. I tend to think that if it's okay to dress in the attire of one sport's athlete it should be the same for all sports. Call me crazy, but I want the freedom to wear a Secretariat racing saddle if I want. It's about idolizing athletes, not fashion.

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