The Strange Connections Between Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong

Space legend and American hero Neil Armstrong died on August 25th 2012, the same week bicycle rider Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his bicycle awards. This was a big running gag among people who said "Bad week to be an Armstrong! Watch your ass, Stretch Armstrong!" We all thought that was silly, but then rumors that Neil Armstrong lied about his famous "One small step for man" speech being improvised came out. Shortly after that news, Lance Armstrong admitted that he too had been lying about everything he's ever done besides Cancer, but who can even be sure about that at this point? No one's saying Lance Armstrong amounts to even half a hair on the ass of Neil, but the connections are eerie.

And all this is happening with the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax going on that is driving everyone berserk despite the fact it's centered around a hypothetical person who never existed. A lot of people think the Te'o hoax is a cover for Manti Te'o being a homosexual. Coincidentally Jodie Foster made a famous speech at the Golden Globes about her being a lesbian. What is the meaning of these seemingly simultaneous revelations? Does this all mean that the Apollo missions were a hoax too? Am I just making shit up? Who knows?

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