How Old is Too Old For Breast Feeding?

There are a lot of arguments over how old is too old for breast feeding. I tend to think 70 is a good cut off point, but usually by then your breasts are too wrinkled and dried out for feeding anyway. If your tits are down past your ankles it's time to hang them up, literally. Then again I don't always think it's fair to give an exact age range for when you should stop breast feeding because it's different in every individual. What's too old for one person isn't too old for another. For instance, I'm a man so pretty much zero-years-old is too old for me to breastfeed people, for a larger man who's been under a lot of stress maybe he can pull it off. Who knows? The bottom line is this is always going to be a case by case issue and we can't just set a totalitarian titty milk mandate declaring breast feeding age. Sucking is in nipple of the beholder.

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