Does it Really Matter if Lance Armstrong Cheated?

Everyone knows Lance Armstrong is a cheating sack of shit, but the outrage surrounding this revelation is too much. Cheating to win the Tour de France and lying about it is like cheating to become class treasurer and lying about it. It's unfair and it is unfortunate, but why should anyone care? If you're a die-hard cycling fan then you have permission to be pissed off, but if you are a die-hard fan of cycling there are other more pressing issues you need to tend to like why you're a die-hard fan of cycling. Anyone who can watch a bunch of dudes riding around on bicycles for hours at a time has serious issues.

Cycling isn't a sport, it's an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. If Lance Armstrong was a baseball player then the outrage might be justified, but even a baseball player who used performance enhancing drugs wouldn't be guaranteed seven championships because it's not a simplistic, boring ass sport made up of a bunch of individuals riding bicycles for a really long time. If Armstrong had used Ambien to win a sleeping contest championship would people be making a big deal? If there were such thing as sleeping contests perhaps watching the Tour de France would be considered an illegal performance enhancing drug.

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