Dominos Pizza Wants You To "Get Out of Your Comfort Zone"

The new Dominos' ad campaign is trying to get people to try their other food items like pasta and sandwiches by suggesting that people "Get out of their comfort zone". Essentially they're daring people to try their food by likening it to going on a rollercoaster ride. It's fitting they compare their food to a theme park ride since vomiting is definitely a possibility. Of course no one's buying Dominos' pasta! How drunk do you have to be to order pasta from Dominos? Probably too drunk to be able to operate a telephone!

When you have to liken the items on your menu to "scary" experiences that most people are reluctant to try, that's bad. You may as well be selling giant deep fried tree grubs at that point. Dominos' failure isn't the fault of the people for being pussies, it's Dominos' fault for making things that don't visually appeal to people's hunger for food. When someone says "Try it, you might like it!" the "it" they're talking about is usually free, but to expect people to gamble on weird looking food with their own money is just flat out stupid.

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