Why Don't People Wear Helmets While Driving Cars?

Whenever I'm driving the family somewhere we always get stares because I'm driving with a motorcycle helmet and my replica Danica Patrick fireproof body suit on and I've got the kids in the back wearing helmets and neckbraces strapped in like NASCAR drivers. I know it doesn't look "normal", but screw that because I care about safety. I can only imagine how safe the roads would be if EVERYONE wore helmets and neck braces just like me. There is a chance people might drive more recklessly because they'd feel indestructible, but people already drive like that without helmets!

There's really no good reason to not wear a helmet other than you look like a "Ridiculous douchebag" or a "Dumb dipshit" as I have heard a few times along with some other things I'd really rather not recount here. Alls I know is that me and my family are the safest and most well protected people on the road. So we might say we look idiotic, but who's the idiot: me wearing a helmet while driving? Or you with a glass shard through your skull and a massive brain contusion after crashing into me?

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