Emergen-C's Slogan is "Feel The Good"

The Vitamin C supplement known as Emergen-C has a tagline that goes "Feel the good". Who the hell wrote this? Borat? Whatever happened to talking with proper grammar? What the hell is going on with the world today? I mean what good is vitamin C if your brain is made of mouse droppings? I think what they meant to say was either "Feel good" or "Feel the goodness of Emergen-C", but they settled on something in between that sounds like something a Serbian mistress would say as you entered a filthy cathouse. It sounds a little too much like the line from the Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky" where the son of Satan finally learns how to make people feel the good and gives demons Popeye's chicken. I think we're all getting a little too lax with how we handle speech these days and Emergen-C's silly sales slogan is just a minor yet irritating example of that.

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