Taco Bell Stopping Controversial Commercial About Vegetables

Taco Bell has decided to pull their latest commercial that says "Bringing vegetables to a party is like punting on 4th and 1". The ad was criticized by the vegetable community for being vegist and discouraging the eating of healthy foods. I don't know why vegetarians would get upset about this. Taco Bell might be against vegetables, but that certainly doesn't mean they're FOR meat either because the last time I checked, they don't serve actual meat. The idea of the commercial was that people who bring vegetables to Super Bowl parties are hated. "Hate" might be severe, but who in their right mind brings vegetables to a football party? That's like bringing heads of lettuce to the dolphin area at SeaWorld.

Actually, the commercial is mistaken, bringing veggies to a football party isn't like punting on 4th and 1, it's like waking into a lion's den assbackwards with a steak hanging out of your rectum. If you don't believe me, stroll into a tailgating party with a bowl of cucumbers. Those cucumbers will be up your ass in five seconds. If you must bring vegetables to a Super Bowl party I would suggest you wait to reveal them until everyone's totally wasted because the only time a real football fan is going to be eating carrot sticks is when they're blackout drunk, laughing hysterically at a commercial about a talking baby. If people want to get mad at Taco Bell for discouraging healthy eating they should have all their commercials banned.

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