What The Hell is "Wraptastic"?

Maybe you've seen the TV ad for the "Wraptastic" which is a guillotine device that helps people use plastic seran wrap and aluminum foil easier. It does this by slicing the wrap by pressing down on the device as opposed to the normal method of tearing wrap and foil along the convenient built-in metal edge that they already come with. I could see how this product could appeal to those without hands so you can just headbutt the thing to cut your wrapping for you, but otherwise it does nothing a normal person with a severe head injury can't do.

I'm surprised they didn't show putting a roll of gift wrapping paper inside the Wraptastic to show how it can help you wrap presents. Usually infomercials try to show you every possible thing you can do with a product, maybe it can't. Maybe something goes horribly wrong when you try to use it with wrapping paper. My favorite part of the commercial is how the Billy Mays wannabe mafucka throws in a free roll of plastic wrap and tin foil to sweeten the deal. I was waiting for his dumbass to say "That's a three dollar value!" I wish Billy Mays would come back to life and bitchslap this sorry ass bald goatee having punk. You're never gonna be Billy Mays, son! Quit trying!

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  1. With the addition of Wraptastic into my personal "eat-breathe-poop lifecycle", my life now has meaning. Thank you Crap...I mean WrapTastic!