Review of "Primetime: What Would You Do?"

"What Would You Do?" is a show hosted by news personality John Quinonez where they use actors to set up moral and ethical conundrums for unknowing people being observed by hidden cameras. It's interesting to see how people react to situations like a someone with working legs taking a handicapped parking spot or how people react to a man randomly collapsing in the street, but my problem with the show is that they're getting too crazy with the scenarios now.

The last episode I saw showed situations where an elderly man was being harassed by a pair of ten-year-old girls and a father getting mad at his son for wanting a Barbie doll. Does this shit actually happen? If it does it's incredibly rare. There's really no point in testing people's morality and actions in situations that don't occur outside of a hidden camera show, that defeats the entire purpose. They're literally one step away from seeing how people react to two lesbian clowns being lit on fire by elderly Italian midgets. Sure it'd be interesting to see who helps out, but clearly the people have to know they're on a show so that's affecting their decisions and we're not getting an accurate portrayal of the people caught on camera.

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