How To Be A Male Plus Size Model

As plus size models are being more accepted, people are noticing that none of the plus sized models are men. Many people view this as gender discrimination and I agree. This is the peak of inequality in America because it's something people turn a blind eye to. At least there are people caring about women in the military or being CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, but who's caring about the lack of fat dudes modeling clothing? As a man who thinks this would be a great job, I have to sit back and watch as these female plus size models monopolize the plus size modeling market.

How does a man become a plus size model? The first thing that needs to happen is that the civilized world needs to start viewing a slob with an enormous gut as pretty. Before you say that's impossible, just think about how there are anorexic skeletons modeling clothes out there. Who thinks an anorexic woman is attractive? Whoever controls the decisions of what is seen as hot in the fashion world needs to be persuaded that a lazy fat bastard is the next big thing. Then and only then will you see me on the runway in a Barcalounger modeling the newest designer wifebeater, cargo shorts, and one flip flop combo.

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