What The Hell is "Hot Booties"?

Heat up the grill!

Maybe you've seen the commercial for "Hot Booties" which are basically slippers you heat up in the microwave. This isn't a new idea, my uncle has been microwaving his socks for decades, it's one of the main reasons we don't visit him over the holidays. Now I don't doubt that putting microwaved slippers on feels good I just can't get on board with warming footwear in the same place you put your Hot Pockets and Kid Cuisines. Why not throw a pair of damn Reeboks in there while you're at it? I hope they come out with a super sloth bonus package that has Hot Booties, a Forever Comfy pillow, and a Snuggie. The only thing that's missing now is some sort of soothing herbal headband. Whatever happened to just sitting down and relaxing? Now we need to be sitting on eight pillows, wrapped in a blanket, with warm bootsies on our feet. This is not a good sign for humanity at all.

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