Dumbass Sayings: "Foodie"

Only a "Foodie" could
appreciate this stuff!
A woman told me she was a "foodie" the other day. I asked her what that meant and she said it meant she was very enthusiastic about food. I don't think that should be a thing. Enjoying food doesn't make you a part of an exclusive club. I really enjoy breathing air, but do I go around calling myself an "oxygenie"? No. You know why I don't do that? Because it would sound ridiculous and people would think I was a goddamn lunatic. Yet when we're talking about food for some reason that's acceptable.

You might think there's a difference between food and air, but we need both to survive and there are just as many types of air as there are foods. As far as I'm concerned you just haven't lived until you've breathed the air from Mount Mashakalaka off the coast of the Pinoy Islands. Some people consider me a bit of an air snob, but I love it. I upload tons of air pics on Instagram. Most people assume they're just boring travel photos, but those are the uncultured fools who don't have as advanced of a breeze palate as I do.

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