If You Eat Your Foot Will You Gain or Lose Weight?

This is a famous question that OfficeMax asks during job interviews and it's intended to trick you and force you into critical thinking on the fly. I'll help you out with this one because it's actually a lot more complicated than you think. If you cut your foot off and consume it, the mass of the foot will be in your digestive system so you initially won't lose any weight.

However, the massive blood loss from the ankle stump you have created will begin to add up the more and more gallons of blood you lose. To top it all off, the wound will be susceptible to infection and if you get sick you may lose a substantial amount of weight from whatever bacteria is populating itself in your leg.

As the infection moves upward, unless the doctors can find the adequate antibiotics they may opt to amputate more of your leg in which case that's approximately 20 to 100 more pounds of weight gone from your overall body mass. At that point, eating what they have cut off is no longer advisable and so that weight is completely gone and you will never be abl to regain it. Then once you end up pooping out your foot that's even MORE weight lost so of course the answer to this question is you will lose weight by eating your own foot. Hope this helps!

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