Extremely Elderly Woman Can't Post Real Age on Facebook

Facebook's profile settings don't allow a 104-year-old Michigan super elderly the ability to set her date of birth at 1908 so she puts 1928 instead. This is an outrage. When I'm stalking people on Facebook I want to know their exact age so I don't make mistakes. This woman has found a loophole that allows her to lie openly about her age. If I'm checking out some sultry photos on the net I want to know I'm looking at a genuine 84-year-old not some phony ultra elderly person, that's gross.

Another messed up thing about this is that Facebook does allow birthdates after 1910, so he could list her age more precisely at 1918 instead or logically 1910, but for some reason she gives herself a 20 year boost. What is an 104-year-old doing on Facebook anyway? Shouldn't she be on MySpace? The only time you should ever poke this woman is when you walk in and see her flatlined. What are her status updates like? "Still alive!"?

Of course I'm joking. It's an amazing accomplishment to be 104-years-old and this wrinkly old warrior can do whatever she wants, she's earned that right and Facebook should fix this immediately so I don't keep accidentally pleasuring myself to people over the age of 102.

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