How To Make a "Baby Eating Lemons" Video

One of the most popular things to do right now is feed babies lemons while record their reactions and posting it on YouTube. If you want to get in on this hot new trend you will need:

1). A video camera or phone that can capture video.
2). A sack of lemons.
3). Babies.

If you've seen that video of the nine golfers all sinking putts in the same hole or this other trend of the "Harlem Shake" then you know that the more things in a video, the better. This counts just the same for cat and baby videos too. So to make the ultimate baby eating lemon video you're going to need several babies. They should preferably be your own, but if not make sure they're the babies of relatives or close friends and you've got their permission before you take them.

I got in trouble awhile back for attempting this with babies that did not belong to me and it turns out people can get pretty touchy about you putting lemon wedges in their babies' mouths and videotaping it even if it's just at their preschool for a few minutes. Get as many babies that you have rights to and line them up in high chairs (there should be at least seven). Then put sliced lemon wedges on each of their trays in front of them and wait. Usually, babies won't wait to shove whatever they see into their mouths and when they do you're sure to get a priceless reaction.

If for some reason they are reluctant to try the lemon then you'll have to go around to each baby, placing the lemon slice gently into their mouths like a Chinese plate spinner, moving from baby to baby. When all have tasted the lemon make sure to rush out of the shot. It's important to be fast in putting the lemon into their mouths and moving out of the way so that the camera catches their reaction. If you can pull this off properly then it should look amazing and be the next big viral video, or get you sent to prison for 5 months, as it did in my case. But like I said, if they're not your babies, get a written release form from the parents or legal guardians. That's not a mistake I plan on making again.

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