The Top 5 Stupid Job Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making

Job interviews can be very nerve wracking and even the slightest mistake can ruin everything. Sometimes the biggest mistakes are things you're not consciously doing on purpose. Before your next interview, check this list of 5 very common and silly mistakes people make that wind up costing them the job.

5). Saying "Well what HAD HAPPENED WAAAAASSS...." when being asked to explain why you left your last occupation.

Be ready to explain your previous job experiences and why you left your last job. Don't get caught off guard because it will usually make you sound unprofessional.

4). Not wearing a bra.

Not wearing a bra is a sign of freedom for many women, but remember in the working world you're not free, you're meant to be a slave to the people who have hired you. It might be okay to walk around without a bra once you have the job, but till then keep your breasts supported and packed in.

3). Wearing a bra, if you're a man.

Employers are supposed to be indifferent to sexual preferences, but they do for some reason have to take into account dress preferences. It is highly hypocritical, but bras and other lingerie weave in between the lines of sex and dress. It's best not to risk an ignorant interviewer judging you on your personal choices. If you do feel the need to wear the bra, like it's lucky or it belonged to your wife before she passed then remember to wear an undershirt over it so it's not visible through your dress shirt.

2). Badmouthing former employers.

As much as you want to complain about how bad it was at your last job and how much the negative experiences taught you, please don't. The company you're interviewing with knows that there's a good chance you're going to leave them some day and they don't want someone who snitches. Try to have only good things to say about your last employer and skew things to be positive for the whole interview.

1). When asked if you've ever been convicted of a felony saying "No... never CONVICTED..."

If you have indeed been convicted of a felony just say "Yes, but that was a long time ago and I've matured a lot since then". Don't get tricky with the language and make the interviewer feel creeped out. That will usually never lead to landing the job.

Hopefully these tips helped you see some of things you might be doing wrong during your job interviews. They're all pretty simple fixes so once you've caught the problem you'll be ready to go get that job!

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