Should You Tell Your Children About Your History with Drugs?

Getting caught smoking crack sucks!
A recent study suggests that parents should hide their past drug usage from their kids because it might encourage the children to try drugs for themselves. I've found that it's okay for me to tell my kids about my historic drug usage of the past because they pretty much already know from the stories their aunts and uncles have told them.

They might not be the brightest kids around, but they're smart enough to know that my previous drug usage is the reason they're getting straight D's and had to have steel plates used to reinforce areas of their skull that were not developed properly in the womb. By telling my kids about all the poppers and droppers I used to do back in the week they'll realize how serious it really is. They'll be able to look at me in the glossy eyes and say "Wow, I am NEVER doing that! I will never allow myself to become what you are..." And isn't that the most effective way to teach kids?

Either they're going to learn the lesson themselves the hard way because they have no idea of the consequences or you can lay it all out on the table and show them exactly what type of destruction and pain narcotics can cause people. Either you tell your kids about your meth addiction, or they'll have peers and celebrities glorify drug usage to them and totally ruin their perception of what this poison can do.

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