How To Improve the Oscars Award Show

Everyone always puts the quality of the Academy Awards show fully on the host, but other things could be changed to make it a better overall show every year no matter who the host is. I think the Oscars would be much more entertaining if the path to the stage had literal hurdles to jump over and obstacles for the actors and sound engineers to contend with.

A few good ideas would be pits of fire, giant bear traps, and tiny pools with alligators and crocodiles. Then you don't even have judges select the winner, you just pick the nominees then the presenter yells "GO!" and everyone gets up from their seats and tries to be the first to grab the statue. At least then there's no controversy over who wins any award no matter the performances. If you lept over a crocodile and pit of boiling tar in a crazy ass dress that has caught fire, you deserved it.

Then the music they play when a speech has gone on to long can be replaced with an angry crocodile released onto the stage. I guarantee the show would never go over its allotted time ever again and it'd be a much more entertaining show for everyone watching at home.

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