Why is the Age of Consent in Mexico 12-years-old?

When people recently learned that a 9-year-old Mexican girl gave birth to the child of her stepfather everyone was outraged. Then it was later reported that the girl was actually 12-years-old and everyone calmed down. For some reason 12-years-old is the federally mandated age of consent for sex in Mexico. No wonder people are still trying to leave Mexico for America! They're clearly not leaving for the jobs anymore since there are none, they're leaving to get away from all the pedophiles! There's no way I would live in Mexico with my child if I knew someone could legally have sex with them as soon as they were 12. I'd be swimming the Rio Grande just like everyone else at that point.

This could be another reason why Mexico is in such bad shape. Maybe if they raised the age of consent to something like what we have in America then there'd be fewer babies born, therefore less of a strain on resources. Think about how many more babies a girl has if she legally can't started at 12 versus 18, now multiply that by all Mexicans. Imagine how few children would be born in America is the legal age for sex was 24. It really does make a difference, Mexico! So stop making it okay to have sex with pre-teens and step into the 21st century!

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