How To Choose the Right Funeral DJ

When planning a funeral for a loved one, often times a DJ is an overlooked aspect of the service. If the deceased was particularly beloved, many funeralgoers will be very depressed and upset. As we all know the best remedy for that is some funky jams and a dance floor.

The most important thing of all is picking a DJ that is familiar with the deceased's favorite type of music. For instance if you're planning a funeral for an Indian family you might not want to hire a DJ that specializes in spinning gangsta rap albums. If you're planning a funeral for an elderly person you might not want to get a DJ that only plays Dubstep. The wrong choice may wind up alienating the family and friends of the deceased.

However, choosing the right match can make the funeral a moment people will never forget. So to make sure this is the case, ask people who knew the dead person best for advice on what types of music they liked. If the star of the funeral had a iPod, try to get your hands on that and see if you can't use it at the funeral itself. Choosing the right music can make a funeral magical and if the moment is magical enough, the spirit of that dead person will live on in funeralgoers hearts forever, just like the tune of their favorite song.

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