Hobo Who Returned Diamond Ring Gets Thousands of Dollars Donated To Him

So far the homeless man who returned a woman's diamond engagement ring that was given to him by accident has accumulated around $100,000 in donations from various people. This is a great story and I can only hope that he gets more donated to him than the bullied bus monitor from upstate NY who has received more than $700,000.

Not to say people were wrong to give money to the woman who was relentlessly taunted by children on a bus, but this hobo from Missouri actually DID something great and on top of all that he needs the money just a little bit more. I think it would be a great shame if this homeless man who did the right thing doesn't end up with more money than some lady who got tormented by children.

We should be rewarding people for making the right choices and setting an example for kids. Not so say pity isn't a fair emotion either, but it should be below rewarding good behavior. The campaign to donate to this man is only 90 days so hopefully anyone who gives money to people they like should get their donations in soon and help this hobo with a heart of gold be a shining symbol for morals in America for years to come.

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