Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius: Match Made in Heaven?

The top two biggest court stories right now are the trials of Jodi Arias the woman who shot and stabbed her boyfriend to death and Oscar Pistorius, the balding Olympic track star who shot his girlfriend to death. If by some chance both of them are acquitted of their alleged crimes I think it's a no-brainer to try and get these two to meet.

Clearly they're available at the moment and who is better for either of them than each other? The odds don't look great that they will be cleared of their charges, but if they do then they shouldn't have to scour ChristianMingle to look for a new love. They would be able to relate on all the biggest things like what it feels like to be in a relationship you didn't want anymore and shooting the other person. That's endless hours of great date conversation right there.

What makes me think this will work is that Pistorius had formerly dated a model so you know he has good taste, and while Jodi Arias isn't a model, it's clear that the only reason her case is getting publicity is because she has a slightly above average appearance. Will this be the next big power couple? Will Jodi be able to look past the fact Oscar has no legs and lives in South Africa? Valentine's Day might be a little awkward for them, but only time will tell.

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