5 Super Effective Ways To Save Money In A Bad Economy

Most people did not see America's economic collapse coming, but since we're all trying to collect ourselves in the rubble of our fallen pride we may as well look for ways to rebuild. In order to rebuild you need to cut costs and conserve resources. Here is a list of five superb money saving strategies that can help you save money now:

5). Stop wasting money on dental floss. Dental floss can get expensive, especially the higher end toothpaste brand flosses that are made silky so they don't saw your gums like a chainsaw. Most people in the dental world agree that flossing is imperative to having a health mouth and avoiding gum disease and this is true, but there are ways around using floss. How? Don't eat foods that you have to chew. If you do have to chew food, chew a few times then just swallow. Do not spend extra time chewing, it's unnecessary. Your intestines have harsh acids for a reason. Let the rest of your body involuntarily break the food down. When people tell you to chew every piece of food fifty times and nonsense like that, do a little research, they're usually being paid by the floss industry.

4). Save toilet paper by defecating every OTHER day. Toilet paper is getting so expensive these days you'd think it was mined out of African caves by tortured children. By using the toilet for a BM every 2nd day you will cut your TP usage in half. Not only will this wind up slicing your TP budget down 50%, but it will help the environment by being less dependent on the slaughter of trees, and it will also save you time during the day. Every minute you're not on the toilet is a minute you're out doing other more productive things. I recommend every 2nd day for a reason though, I would not go to every 3rd day unless you feel confident your bowels are up to that task. Also when you get to every 3rd day you're risking toilet clogs and that ends up being a bigger pain in the ass than you want.

3). Stop using lights. When you think about it, using lamps and light bulbs is really unnecessary. Just wake up at sunrise and go to sleep when it gets dark. If you've lived in a place long enough you shouldn't ever need lights to know where things are. If you need to do some work, use a battery powered lantern or flashlight. Just pretend you're blind. Think about how much Stevie Wonder saves on his electrical bill because he's blind. Why can't that be you?

2). Instead of driving, take public transportation. This seems like a pretty obvious tip and it's one that most people already use, but its efficacy cannot be questioned. Gas is only going to get more expensive as time goes by, so much so that there may come a time when the only way to get around will be public transportation. You may as well get used to it now so the transition isn't as jarring.

1). Instead of public transportation, run. An even better way to save money on your daily commute is to run. I never understood why people would run in their spare time and then take the subway to work when they could just run to and from work. A running commute saves tons of money and depending on how much time you spend running for fun, it might even wind up saving you time as well!  Then of course there's the health factor. Running every day keeps your circulation healthy and will boost your metabolism requiring less food to purchase and fewer doctor bills. Clearly, running to and from work is the best way to save money that currently exists.

These are all methods that have worked and continue to work for me. I hope you can implement some if not all into your life as well so we can collectively work on getting this country back on its feet. This may go without saying, but please consult your physician before attempting to run to and from work every day.

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