Everything You Need To Know About The Government Seacrester

As President Obama has warned, unless major political action is taken soon, Ryan Seacrest will continue to get jobs hosting various television shows. The "Seacrester" that everyone is talking about is the decision to cut major primetime TV show's budget for their hosts and correspondents. Is Ryan Seacrest negatively affecting the economy by singlehandedly taking up several jobs that any American could do? Some people say no, but his public support in general has been waning.

The problem with the Seacrester is that if he is able to continue down this path of hosting shows and interviewing celebrities then he could negatively impact the economy and change everyday life for all Americans. We've seen what happened with Carson Daly. There was a guy who only hosted "TRL" and still manages to be on TV hosting his own show and "The Voice". If that's the path Carson Daly has been allowed to take, just imagine the wreckage that will be left behind in the wake of Ryan Seacrest if things do not change. Unfortunately it's all up to Congress at this point.

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