The Phenomenon of NBA Players Dressing Like College Professors

Pretty much every great, young player in the National Basketball Association wears thick glasses, turtlenecks, and tweed jackets with the elbow patches. People say they're dressing like nerds, but they're dressing like adult nerds i.e. college professors. Perhaps this is a result of the NBA rule that forces all the best senior high school players to enter college for at least one year. Before this rule, you never saw any NBA stars wearing a pocket protector or smoking a tobacco pipe at press conferences.

Apparently the fashion influence of their college professors is taking a strong hold. Most people want the NBA to end this "one and done" rule so that high school stars can enter the NBA right away without risking career threatening injuries in college when they're not making any money at all. But the main reason to want this rule repealed is the way young NBA stars are dressing. The NBA claims the rule is there to enhance the quality of players, but at what cost? If the players are going to look ridiculous and set a bad example for children looking up to them then what's the point? Yes, NBA stars making millions can afford to look like nerds, it's ironic and humorous to a degree, but think about all the young kids out there dressing like nerds to be like their idols and having their boxers torn into a thong by the force of an atomic wedgie every single day. If the NBA will do nothing about this then at old college professors should at least start dressing like NBA players and complain about how their image is being stolen by these wannabe nerd athletes.

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