Elementary School Gives Controversial Homework Questions About Slaves

Parents of kids who go to school at P.S. 59 in New York are in an uproar over a worksheet given out that asks the question "One slave got whipped five times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month? Another slave got whipped 9 times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month. How many times did they both get whipper in a month?" I can see why they're outraged, this is an incredibly difficult problem for a 4th grader to answer. I don't even know the answer to this one! I think it's important to know which month they're being whipped. I would just write "Not enough information to solve" and be done with it.

Of course they're really upset about the "slave" part, but that's jumping to conclusions. What if the question was talking about sex slaves or child slaves in Malaysia or something more politically correct? How come when people hear the word "slave" they immediately picture a Black person? Sure it's a significant part of the history of America, but frankly when I hear the word "slave" I think of someone in a leather bondage outfit wearing a hood over their head with nipple clamps. Call me crazy! Maybe if that was the image that everyone thought of the world would be a much nicer, safer place.

Another question on the worksheet said "There's a ship filled with 3,799 slaves. One day the slaves took over the ship and 1,897 are dead. How many are alive?" Now to some people that's a clear indication that the worksheet is referencing African American slaves, but to me, I picture alien sex slaves from another planet. Like sexy Martian sex slaves in a space craft being brought to Earth. Clearly stuff like this shouldn't be given to kids at all, but I also think this is just a sign that people's imaginations are not where they should be. Kids need to learn how to think outside the box and not be shackled and limited by the ideas of others. Mental slavery is the current trend holding everyone down and that's what people need to be focused on.

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