Top 25 Weird Names To Give Your New Dog

The 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show winner was an Affenpinscher named "Banana Joe". People are naming their dogs a lot of weird things these days. Apparently it's become popular to give your dog an ironic name, normally suited for humans. If you want to impress people with your new German Shepherd there's really no better way than giving it a strange human name. Here are some names to give to a dog that just don't seem to fit:

25). Brianna
24). Rashaud
23). Guillermo
22). Jayden
21). Catelynn
20). Lisa Ann
19). Richard
18). Raven Simone
17). Stephanie
16). Diane
15). Dyshon
14). Bethany
13). Kaylee
12). Helen Keller
11). Michael
10). Fantasia
9). Brayden
8). Li Hsung Yi
7). Brevin
6). Harrison
5). Caleb
4). LeGarrett
3). Cayden
2). Aurora
1). LeShonda

Having a weird human name really helps a dog stand out in a crowd and leaves a lasting impression on not only other dogs, but their owners too. Hopefully this list gives you some good ideas and if by some chance the name you gave to your dog was on it then congratulations, you're on the cutting edge of weirdness.

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