What Will Pope Benedict Do Next?

Now that Pope Benedict has given his two week notice, everyone's asking "What's Benny gonna do next?!" Is a reality show in the works? He's the first Pope to quit in several hundred years so his excuse about being too old may be a cover. The whole point of being Pope is to be too old. Did you see the last guy?

A lot of people are speculating that Benedict is addicted to Twitter now. Is it a coincidence that I quit my job shortly after joining Twitter too? Probably, but either way we know Twitter ruins even the holiest of lives. Will the Pope keep tweeting? Does Ratzinger have more 140 character zingers up his sleeves? Time will tell.

Personally I think the Pope will use his new free time to finally explore a gangsta rap career. Perhaps he's been penning phat rhymes this whole time, waiting for the right time to drop an album. That is my hope at least. I'm sure there are many hos eagerly awaiting this as well. Whatever he chooses to do we wish him all the best!

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