Why Do Women Get Separate Oscars?

Women are always talking about equality the Oscars roll around. Then despite the fact they prefer to be called "Actors" instead of "Actresses" they will gladly accept a separate category when it comes to "Best Actor". Why not continue the trend of equality and demand that there be only "Best Actor" and "Best Supporting Actor" without the patronizing "women's only" award?

The other Academy Awards are unisex. You don't see "Best Female Original Screenplay" or "Best Female Original Song". Why is that? Either do it for all of them or none because the message it sends is a woman has just as good a chance at writing and singing an original song, but not be the best actor in a movie. Daniel Day-Lewis would annihilate Jennifer Lawrence in an act-off contest, but does that have anything to do with gender?

Why not just have a special Daniel Day-Lewis award given to him every year and have the rest of the actors battle over the "Not Daniel Day-Lewis Best Actor Award"? People just want to give out as many awards as possible which ultimately devalues the achievement they represent and more importantly makes the show longer and more boring. If not for equality, they should combine the Best Actor awards just to speed things up.

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