Tips On Sending Out Funeral Invitations

Planning a funeral can be stressful and nerve racking, but it can also be fun as long as you try not to dwell on the concept of death too much. Once you have that behind you, your focus should switch to making the invitations. The invitation process is arguably the most important part of the funeral. You want all the right people to be there and you also want to try and limit the number of people who might be disruptive. Make sure to only mail invites to family and close friends.

Once you have a good list of who you want to invite, you have to design the invitation. Don't get cheap here, it has to be something that looks nice so people know it's a serious funeral and not some amateur gravedigging spectacle. Choose a professional printer, don't just go to some FedEx Kinkos or Staples. I like to opt for a lot of cursive with raised ink on a heavy cardstock.

Within your invitation cards, demand that the invitees RSVP within a reasonable amount of time so you can plan last minute changes accordingly. Also make sure to arrange for a vegetarian meal option for people to select and create a write-in space for them to list any food allergies they might have. You don't want to be negligent and end up with another dead person on your hands! Funeral invitations are something people tend to overlook, especially these days, but they can really go a long way to either making or breaking your next funeral.

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