Should Fat People Be Charged More For Massages?

I'm all for fat rights, I believe fat people should be treated the same as everyone else, but there are certain instances where maybe their fatness comes into play. One of those instances is massage therapy. Now if you come into my massage parlor and you weigh 600 lbs you should rightfully pay a little extra than a normal sized person because I have to put in some overtime to perform a complete massage. It's unfair and it seems wrong, but it's simply a matter of the value of labor.

I believe you should pay for what you get. For instance, I give discounts to midgets. This isn't because I prefer midgets more than fat people, but just because there's less to work with and I can get done a lot faster. I can massage approximately fifty midgets in the time it takes me to massage on 700 lb woman. I'm sorry, but that affects my bottom line. If I want to speed up the process I have to call in other people to help me and that then takes them away from other customers. That being said, I will never turn down a morbidly obese customer, but I will let them know before hand that the charges go up per hundred pounds of flesh. Is that wrong? I don't know.

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  1. It is wrong: You should charge per minute. Time is money