The Problem with 9-Year-Old Rapper "Lil' Poopy"

This new child rapper "Lil' Poopy" is getting a lot of criticism for rapping about "Coke" and slapping a woman's ass in a music video. I'm not sure I have a problem with this though because he's clearly rapping about Coke as in "Coca Cola" and while that's not the best thing for a 9-year-old to be drinking, it's not illegal or anything.

As far as slapping a woman's ass, the baby in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" did that. Sure it was a cartoon and it had the mind of a 40-year-old dude, but who's to say Lil' Poopy isn't the same. If it's okay for a cartoon it's okay for real life. Everyone knows that. Also, some 9-year-olds still breastfeed. Some people even breastfeed off of women that aren't their mothers. That's all okay, but slapping a woman's ass isn't? Just be glad he wasn't drinking her boob milk.

The real problem with "Lil' Poopy" is the fact that he's probably never going to maintain his fame. The reason he can't is because he's going to be known as "Lil' Poopy" for the rest of his life. "Lil Bow Wow" is still called "Lil Bow Wow" even though he's stated his wishes to be known as "Bow Wow". He's still Lil' Bow Wow to everyone no matter what. If you think THAT'S bad, wait till it's Lil Poopie's turd-- I mean turn. That's going to be extremely difficult to get through. He could kill a guy as a 25-year-old and we'd all be talking about "The Murder Trial of Lil Poopy".

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