Oscar Pistorius' Inspiring Story Tainted Forever By Murder Trial

When you look at the South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius it's obvious to see why he was inspiring to so many. He was a pioneer for people all around the world with receding hairlines. When he was able to run with normal hairlined people in the Olympics it showed balding men and women everywhere that they could do whatever they put their minds to. Now because of the tragic murder of his model girlfriend, (and yes it is important to note she was a model, this wasn't just some random woman, she was a model) all of that has been turned to crap.

Thanks to Pistorius, Bruce Willis is back on top of the bald community.
Think of the disappointment balding people felt when they realized that their pioneering star had committed the most despicable crime anyone can commit, the murder of a beautiful woman. Everyone with a receding hairline knows it's tough to find love and this guy had a beautiful girlfriend (which was a slightly more impressive than running in the Olympics) and he shot her to death. There's really no way it could have been worse unless we found out he was a pedophile or something, which is refreshing for men with receding hairlines as that's often an unfair stereotype. So if there's any silver lining in this, I suppose it's that...

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