Why You Shouldn't Play Russian Roulette

One of the most supposedly fun things to do with a revolver gun is play the classic not-so-family friendly game of Russian Roulette. If you're a gambler, gambling with your life is about as good as it gets, but is it really worth the risk? Personally I think there are much better ways to spend a Sunday night, it's just a weird game to be playing. What's weird is that the main problem with playing Russian Roulette is not losing, it's winning.

Sure, losing is a real bummer, but fortunately you're not around to feel too bad about it ultimately. Maybe you feel bad for a split second when you lose, but that's arguable. The real pain in the ass is winning because once the last person you're facing off against pulls that trigger and becomes deceased, you've immediately got a dead body there in the room. Within seconds, the neighbors have probably already called the cops reporting gun shots and you're sitting there with your fingerprints all over the murder weapon. It's not the most ideal situation to be in. I don't care how much money you just won from your grandma, it's time to get out of there and move to another country.

Is that really what you want? Please make sure it is before nonchalantly accepting an invite to this horrible, often deadly recreational activity. Also I think it might technically count as murder, please consult with your lawyer before engaging in such shenanigans.

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