Why Should You Trust The Gorton's Fisherman?

What has the Gorton's Fisherman done to gain everyone's trust really? Think about it. Isn't it a little suspicious that a food company is asking you to trust them? That's not necessarily a good sales pitch. What if the first time you walked into a restaurant they said "Trust us..." That would seem weird. I'm already here and willing to eat, of course I'm instilling some degree of trust in you, but after you've gone and vocalized your desire to gain my trust I feel skittish now.

Plus, the Gorton's Fisherman doesn't even exist. He's not a real dude. Is it even possible to trust a drawing? I love Bugs Bunny, but I'd hesitate to say I trust him. There's something about fictitious entities that doesn't exactly scream out for your trust. This is mainly due to the fact that you can't rely on images to help you in life, which is the whole reasoning behind the concept of trust to begin with. I could get ass rabies from Gorton's fish sticks tomorrow, is the Gorton's Fisherman going to do anything about that? I doubt it. So screw him! He ain't getting my trust! And he shouldn't get yours either.

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