What Would Happen if You Made a Voodoo Doll of Yourself and Ate it?

Creepy ass shit...
One of the biggest questions people are asking these days is "What would happen if you made a voodoo doll of yourself, then ate it?" If you've never wondered this before then you can see why it's such a puzzling conundrum. Since whatever you do to a voodoo doll happens to the person the voodoo doll is made for, then you would essentially be eating and digesting yourself.

Surely if you chewed pieces off then your limbs would be torn off as you bit into the voodoo doll, but what if you swallowed it whole? Would your body then slowly be burned by your own stomach acids from the outside all while the actual process was occurring in your own stomach? That would be pretty weird. Then when the digestion is complete the voodoo doll comes out on the other end, mostly undigested, but covered in feces nonetheless.

Would you then crap your own self out? That has to be a bizarre experience. No one can be sure what exactly happens when you eat your own voodoo doll, but I can imagine it's one of the worst ways to die ever.

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