Chef Lorena Garcia Trying To Help Taco Bell Make Better Food

I don't know what this Chef Lorena Garcia woman's deal is. Taco Bell must be paying her a fortune to tarnish her reputation as a real chef to legitimize Taco Bell as a place to get gourmet entrees. The bigger problem with their partnership is the commercials are awful. One of the lines in the latest ad is "Lorena Garcia told Taco Bell that to make a great steak burrito ya gotta have great steak". The fact that Taco Bell didn't know this information the entire time they've been making food is highly disturbing.

Then the chefs who seem to be working really hard to produce decent tasting steak try and fail at least a dozen times to impress this woman. On the last try she finally gives them a thumbs up, but I have to guess that the two Taco Bell chefs were getting really irritated at how she was insulting every single one of their efforts so they actually gave her some horsemeat steak as a prank that last time. Oddly enough she says "That's it!" and the rest is history. I don't know if that looks worse for her or Taco Bell, but it damn sure doesn't look good to anyone.

Ever since Domino's Pizza came out and starting trashing their own food it's been considered a great idea to completely insult everything you ever made your business on, but I think this self-deprecation has run it's course. Who's to say they won't come out with an ad in a month talking about how they're sorry their supposedly improved Cantina Steak gave everyone dysentery? There really is no way to tell, in fact it's very likely. You're putting your trust in the hands of people who make taco shells out of Doritos. As many of us learned in college, that's never a wise decision.

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