What is NOT Appropriate to Wear to a Funeral?

We all know that the standard attire for a funeral is black clothing, (usually a suit if you're a man or a tasteful dress if you're a woman) but what is definitely not okay to wear to a funeral? Here are five outfits that I have learned you should never wear to a funeral because it's seen as "disrespectful" to the family and the deceased person.

5). A diaper. - Even though you are trying to make a touching statement about re-birth, most people will choose to see what they want and what they see is a hairy naked man wearing white shitfilled plastic undies. However, this is fifth on the list because if some people do interpret the outfit properly it's incredibly spiritual and insightful to them.

4). A wrestling leotard. Even if the dead person was a fan of wrestling, it's not worth any member of the family being offended by your camel toe.

3). Eddie Murphy's purple leather outfit from "Raw". - As classic and iconic a performance as Eddie Murphy gave for the film "Raw", most people don't want to respect that when their loved one has passed. They think you're attempting to make a spectacle out of yourself when really all you're trying to do is show respect for the dead by dressing snazzy as hell.

2). A Bill Cosby signature line sweater. - Usually this type of sweater is seen as distracting and can draw attention away from the dead person and their legacy. It doesn't matter how good you think you look, this is never a good funeral clothing choice.

1). Bill Cosby multicolored wool turtleneck sweater and nothing else. - If you thought the sweater is bad, just try going with no other clothes on but the sweater. It's pretty obvious why this is disrespectful and wrong. Never wear this to a funeral no matter what.

Dressing like a sexy clown is also not advisable, but has lightened the mood in my own experiences.

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