Can Ghosts Swim?

One of the hottest questions all the kids are asking these days is "Can ghosts swim?" This is a really tough one and I'm not even sure I know the answer, but if I had to guess I'd say "No" (keep in mind, the best we can ever do when it comes to ghosts is guess). The reason I say "no" is because I've never once seen or heard of a haunted swimming pool. You'd think with all the people who drown to death in swimming pools across the world there'd be at least one haunted swimming pool out there, but if anything you'd find a haunted pool house or the ghost would venture inside to the main house.

Ghosts tend to stay away from nature for some reason. For instance, there's never a ghost in a tree. I'm not sure ghosts can climb trees at all! A ghost would just float up into a tree and then probably stop midway and think "Why the hell am I doing this?" then come back down. I think the same applies to swimming. A ghost would AT BEST float through the water, which I don't consider to be swimming. If you're floating in a pool no one points and says "Look at how good a swimmer that guy is!" because that's not swimming, that's floating. Ghosts can't swim, case closed.

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