At What Age Should a Woman Get a Prostate Exam?

There's a lot of misinformation out there, but women do indeed have prostates and while prostate cancer in women is rare it is still possible. That means as a woman you can't just forget about your prostate the way the average man will ignore getting a mammogram. The tricky thing is knowing when to go in for a prostate exam. For men, the recommended age is 40. Some people are scared off by it, but if you haven't had a stranger's finger up your ass by 40 then you've been living far too sheltered a life.

For women, the consensus advice on when to get their prostate checked is generally between age 40 and never. Of course if you're have trouble urinating or finding yourself waking up frequently to urinate, these may be signs your prostate is sending to your brain to say "Hey have a doctor's finger stuck up your ass!" You have to listen to this voice before it's too late. It's not going to be a picnic, but you know what else isn't a picnic? Having a tumor on your prostate! It's like that walrus guy says on TV "Check your prostate, and check it often."

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