How to Keep Your Ex From Posting Naked Photos of You Online

We've all been there, you get out of an abusive or bad relationship and within a week you find all your naked photos posted a link someone puts on your Facebook wall. It's awful, it's embarrassing, and it can ruin your life. So how do you keep this from happening?

The only real way you can is to make sure you never send anyone you're in a relationship naked photos of videos of yourself unless you get one from them. The only way to avoid future embarrassment is to make a fair trade of nude photos with the other person. If they want to see you naked you have to request one of them or there's no deal. That way when the relationship is destroyed, the decision to post naked pics of each other will be a stalemate.

It doesn't matter how proud you are of your body, no one wants their naked pics emailed to their grandmother or submitted to some weird website. So if you're currently in a relationship where you're the one who's been sending all the nude photos make sure to try and even the score by getting some of their nude photos as an insurance policy. It's just the smart thing to do.

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