Was Oscar Pistorius Framed to Build Hype for Academy Awards?

Can it really be coincidence that this man named Oscar Pistorius kills his supermodel girlfriend just a little more than a week before the Hollywood Academy Awards? "Oscar" is not a very common name so either this is an insane coincidence or the work of a psychotic marketing genius.

The reason the Pistorius case is interesting to the world is because he's a legless man, his girlfriend was hot, and it happened on Valentine's Day with a gun. Now if some of those things weren't the case, there might not be AS MUCH publicity surrounding it. For instance, had a legged Olympian track runner killed his butt ugly girlfriend on Presidents' Day with a knife, this might be just a blip on the news radar. Instead it was a perfect storm of hot topics that conflated into a giant media explosion.

Am I saying that someone in charge of the Academy Awards figured out it would be a good idea to make a brand new OJ Simpson circus court case in South Africa and have the name "Oscar" be on the world's lips for a full week leading up to Hollywood's biggest spectacle? No, but it is curious. Either way, the Oscars will benefit from all this. People are now subconsciously conditioned to be more interested in the Oscars this year just because of Pistorius. It's like if you stand around saying the word "porn" one million times a day. Eventually you're going to want porn and you'll have plenty of time for that after you're fired from your job for saying that word over and over again, that's how advertising works.

Again, I'm not saying this is definitely what happened, but if by some chance there's a huge Hollywood movie about the murder of Reeva Steenkamp in a few years, then this controversy should definitely be revisited. There are loads of other weird connections. If Pistorius is guilty, then his tears of sorrow in court would be classic acting. And the Academy Awards are gold, something he was always running to get. The red carpet symbolizes blood. The Oscar statue is bald. Pistorius is balding quickly. Think about it...

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