How NOT to Ask a Stripper to Dance

If you're a gentleman like me, then you were raised to ask a lady for a dance when you're out at a party, formal, or local discotech. So what do you do when you find yourself at a strip club? Apparently there are different rules about strip clubs that I wasn't aware of.

The women there are to be respected just like any normal club, but you can't climb onto the stage and take their hand for a dance. A large security guy will run up and tackle you off the stage into a bunch of chairs and your back will be severely damaged leading to expensive medical bills that the club claims they have no responsibility for. Lesson learned.

Forgive me for trying to show Charmissa a little bit of respect and asking politely to dance WITH me instead of pay her money like some kind of weird servant to dance for me. I guess this is what society has become. And if you're not allowed on stage, might I suggest you set up a clear plexiglass wall or something to make that entirely obvious. And yeah sure maybe "Welcome to the Jungle" isn't the best tune to slow dance to, but that doesn't mean I can't.

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