Why Don't Men with Manboobs Wear Bras More Often?

We live in a society where men who have fat breasts are made fun of, but what makes that worse is that a man with fat breasts is made even more fun of if he's wearing a bra. When breasts are allowed to just hang all day the skin and fat becomes less elastic and sags. That's pretty much the reason bras were invented to begin with.

If you have manbreasts then you need to exercise to help fix the situation, but every day you're not wearing a bra, gravity is doing a number on your chest. Plus, at a certain point, manboobs can look almost like real female boobs so they should be covered up. No one needs to see your fat mantits flapping around on your morning jog, put a sports bra on. If your manbreasts are big enough that when you're on national TV they have to blur them, that's a good sign you need to wear a bra.

Basically what I'm saying is the next time you see a guy take his shirt off in the locker room at the country club and you see he's wearing a Victoria's Secret undergarment, don't point and laugh and take photos with your iPhone. He's not some creepy crossdresser, he's just a person trying their best to deal with Father Time like the rest of us. We need to be more supportive of people with manboobs, it's not easy.

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  1. More and more men today have developed breasts large enough to require the same support most women need through no choice of their own. My breasts are so large that flat chested women get jealous and going to the beach without a shirt could never happen. A proper fitting bra is so much more comfortable than letting breasts sag and bounce about freely all day. Bras were designed for support, which is why the bra is mainly a female garment. But men with large breasts should wear them without hesitation or reluctance. Don't flaunt your bras, but don't be embarrassed or hide your generous chest.