Easy Ways To Save Water

It's becoming more evident every single day that there will one day be a clean water shortage on this planet so it's important to avoid wasting water whenever possible. A lot of people have heard that you can save water by putting a brick in your toilet. This is true, but just to be clear, the brick goes inside the water tank of the toilet, not the bowl. Please do NOT put a brick in your toilet bowl. It won't save water, you'll just end up with a really stinky, piss soaked, shit covered brick. That being said, bricks are a key tool to help save water. Here are some other ways you can save water with the use of bricks.

1). Put a brick or two in your bathtub. 
If you take baths you should bathe with a brick. Not only will it help you use less water to get a full tub, it can also help you break off blisters on your feet and other areas of your body. It's also just generally handy to have for self defense in case someone breaks into your house. There's nothing that makes you feel more helpless than hearing someone break in while you're bare ass naked playing with your rubber duckie, but having a lethal weapon with you helps that tremendously.

2). Put a brick in every one of your sinks.
If you ever like to fill your bathroom sink and dip your face into it after your weekly cry, a brick will definitely help you stop wasting so much water. It's also helpful to have a brick in the kitchen sink for when you do dishes.

3). Put bricks in swimming pools and jacuzzis.
Of course the same principle that applies to sinks and toilets applies to swimming pools and jacuzzis. Simply, the more bricks you put in a pool or jacuzzi, the less water that needs to be used to fill it. If you don't have a pool or jacuzzi, you can always throw a bunch of bricks into your neighbor's pool or jacuzzi. Just make very sure there's no one in the pool at the time. I cannot stress that enough. And if you're going to put bricks in a pool, take into account the size of the pool. If it's a big one you're going to need to use dozens of bricks, or somehow make a giant single brick. I recommend many regular sized bricks. Have a wheelbarrow ready for easy transportation.

So there you have it, three really easy ways to help save water and lessen the odds that one day you're grandchildren will be murdering each other over one of Marco Rubio's midget Poland Spring bottles.

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