How To Maximize Your Time While Getting A Great Workout

Whether you're a working woman or a single dad, you're always looking for ways to squeeze in a good workout here and there to stay in shape. Recently I stumbled upon a great, fast, easy exercise that anyone can do which is guaranteed to save you time in the day or night. Here's how it works, when you're sitting on the toilet to do your business, begin contracting your abdominal muscles and doing crunches while pooping.

The average person spends approximately 30 minutes on the toilet every day so just doing this for five minutes is going to give you a great burn. The benefits to this exercise are obvious, you are burning at least twice as many calories as you would be normally on the toilet, and you're losing even more weight than usual too. You're also saving time by not needing to do any exercises once you're off the toilet. To top it all off, sometimes the force of the ab crunches can even accelerate the defecation process, saving even more time.

Most people read and listen to music on the toilet so why not exercise too? Think about how well you can maximize your daily toilet time by reading a book, listening to music, exercising your core, and pooping all at the same time. A slight warning: you might not want to try this after you've recently eaten a lot of spicy foods, that might result in feeling a little too much burn. As always, please consult your personal physician before attempting any new forms of exercise.

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