Ben Affleck Mocking Jennifer Lawrence with Oscar Acceptance Speech?

When Ben Affleck accepted the Best Picture Academy Award for "Argo" he ended the speech by saying "It doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that's going to happen. All that matters is that you've got to get back up."  Was he referencing the embarrassing fall Jennifer Lawrence had walking up the steps in her giant dress to claim the Best Actress award? Clearly that was one of the top stories of the show so it's hard not to make that connection.

Perhaps the secret theme of the Oscars was falling and standing up to compose yourself. Maybe that was planned all along as a secret message to America. Yes, we are face down on a staircase in a ridiculous dress while everyone's laughing at us, but we have to stand up quickly and be a sport about it.

The point is that bad things happen when you try to walk up steps in a restrictive dress. The dress of course is our financial situation. We must attempt to shed it off before ascending upward to glory otherwise we will certainly fall and the world will be laughing. The difference is Jennifer Lawrence can laugh about herself falling because she's 22 and an exuberant individual human being. Are we as a collective nation able to do the same on a much larger scale?

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