The 5 Most Awkward Fruits and Vegetables To Eat In Public

It's always a good idea to eat fruits and vegetables outside in public so people can see how healthy you are and envy your lifestyle of positive dietary choices, but you need to choose which fruits and vegetables to eat carefully. The wrong choice could end up making you look incredibly strange and negate any possible social gains made by eating a more classical type of produce. Here are the top 5 fruits and vegetables you should try never to eat in a public area when there are people around.

5). Avocado - Without a doubt, the most up and coming fruit or vegetable in the 21st century is the avocado. People go crazy for these, but eating them in public can get kind of strange because you end up with green crap all over your face, and also the giant pit can end up falling to the floor and being a very dangerous slipping hazard for old people.

4). Onion - If you're in a crowded area it's best not to eat onions just for everyone else's sake.

3). Radish - If you ever decide to eat a raw radish, do so around family and nonjudgmental friends or at home alone. The hardness of them makes eating them a bit of a chore and it's always embarrassing to struggle when eating in public.

2). Eggplant - Eggplants are pretty difficult to eat and I'm not talking about eggplant Parmesan, I'm talking about an entire raw eggplant. I got quite a few stares on the bus eating this one. It's extra awkward because of the size of it and the slippery skin makes it a little tough to sink your teeth in to get a proper bite.

1). Pumpkin - By far the strangest fruit to eat in public is a Halloween and Thanksgiving favorite, the pumpkin. If you don't believe me, take out a big ol' pumpkin during your lunch break at work and start enjoying it in front of everyone and see what types of stares you get as you scoop out the deliciousness with your bare hands and slurp down the orange guts and seeds. People will definitely never see you in the same light ever again, I promise you that. By far, one of my biggest cultural mistakes.

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