Why Laughter Is NOT The Best Medicine

I'm not here to say that humor doesn't reduce suffering because it does, but laughter itself is not the best medicine as people say. It's not even a real medicine. If laughter was a medicine then when I couldn't afford my prescriptions at the pharmacy and the guy behind the counter laughed at me I'd be fine with that. That would be free medicine!

If laughter was the best medicine then you could run up to a car accident and laugh in the victim's face and that would be considered a very kind and helpful thing as opposed to what it's really considered: the complete opposite of kind and helpful. If laughter was the best medicine then doctors wouldn't even exist, we'd all just go to the dentist when we were sick so we could be treated with Nitrous Oxide. I bet dentists wish that was the case, but sadly it isn't.

If laughter was the best medicine then an old woman falling down a flight of stairs would be the cure for Cancer, but unfortunately it is not. If laughter was the best medicine EMTs would rush to the scene of an accident and show dying people photos of cats with yogurt cups stuck on their heads to help stop the bleeding. But none of that ever happens because laughter is NOT the best medicine.

Can you fit laughter in a medicine cabinet? NOPE!

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